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How has a small-scale manufacturer become a renowned producer

Continuous growth

In 2000 the production was based relying on a second-hand machine on the ground floor of the family house. The first products were PVC crosses for the installation of tiles. The separation of the wholesale department leads to the expansion of production plant and in 2016 a second-hand injection molding machine Engel was bought, and subsequently, in 2017, two new Haitian injection molding machines. The best way to modernize the production plant was to take on the possibilities offered by the European funds. Within the call for proposals E-Impulse new peripheral equipment was acquired, and soon after investments in information and communication technologies were planned.

Following new trends, while maintaining high level of quality, in the last couple of years the new product Super leveller has been developped. In 2017 State Intellectual Property Office has received a patent request and in 2018 the product design has been registered and published in the EUIPO database. Since Super leveller is still in the launch phase, the future period will be used to encourage positive reviews on its quality and significance for customers.