The SUPER LEVELLER device consists of 3 parts: base (SL BASE), caps (SL CAP) and strips (SL STRIP). The cap is a rotating part with which we connect the strip to the base, it is universal and reusable. The strip is universal, but consumable. The base comes in three shapes (universal llinear, T-shape and cross shaped) and spacers are 1 mm or 2 mm thick. The universal base has no spacer, the linear one has two front facing spacers, the T-shape base has three spacers forming the letter T. The cross shaped base has four spacers arranged at an angle of ninety degrees.

Universal rotating cap

[SL CAP] Universal rotating part of the reusable device.



[SL BASE] Base comes in three shapes and spacers of two sizes: universal without spacers, linear (2 front facing spacers), T-shape (3 spacers) and cross shaped (4 spacers). The spacers have two sizes: 1 mm and 2 mm which correspond to the grout thickness.


White universal strip

[SL STRIP] The strip is the element connecting the base and the cap. It is universal, which means you can always use only one strip, regardless of the thickness of the grout and the method of installation. The strip is the only consumable part of the device. When the tiles are dry and while removing the device, the connector breaks.

1. step

After applying the adhesive to the floor, proceed with the laying of tiles. After installing a certain number of tiles, position the SL STRIP. Continue to lay the tiles on it. After you have installed the tiles, position the SL BASE on the SL STRIP.

2. step

Once you have put the SL BASE, adjust the SL CAP onto it. Press and perform a short twist clockwise to level the tiles. The SL BASE gets lowered vertically onto the tiles without shearing. The floor becomes straight and even.

3. step

When the adhesive is completely dry, turn the cap left in order to detach the SL CAP from the SL BASE and then pull them both away from the SL STRIP. You can put them in a safe place until the next time you’ll need them. SL STRIP is made so it breaks easily when you push it gently in the direction of the grout. You just need to clean the rests afterwards.