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www Superleveller

Project name: www Superleveller

Short description of the project: The main activity of the project is the creation of a new business web site for the company Sklad. Through the web site the company Sklad presents their innovation: Super leveller. Indeed, after the market research and thanks to the innovative mindset of the owner, Davor Krizmanić, who invented the product Super leveller, which is not currently represented on the market, the product was submitted for protection from State Intellectual Property Office of Croatia, while the process of evaluation for a protection on a global level is still ongoing. Super leveller represents a device for setting up and levelling ceramic tiles or some other tiling materials on a flat surface. This innovation facilitates and accelerate tilers when laying the ceramic tiles, and eliminates completely the risk of shearing during the installation and during drying. Super leveller will accelerate and ease the process of laying tiles and help in surface levelling. Since it is a product that has just being launched on the market, the marketing plan includes the creation of a web site to present this innovation to clients.

Objectives and expected results of the project: A website will reach a wide target market that does not exclusively cover the territory of the Republic of Croatia, but also customers in the European area. The appeal and significance of the innovation Super leveller and its presentation through the website opens the space and represents a breakthrough for sales in an area outside European borders, so the multilingualism of the Web site is mandatory.

The interactive and dynamic relationship with customers through the Super leveller web site will contribute to dynamic relations and will also be an efficient tool as with the visibility of the innovation on the market, the market presence the company Sklad will also be improved. It will attract the attention of clients, provide them with added value, retain them on the long run, take care of their relationship with them and thereby strengthen loyalty. The main goal of the newly designed and implemented website is to contribute to the visibility of the innovative solution offered by Super leveller and further highlight the innovative solutions offered by Sklad manufacture, which will contribute to increasing the revenues that will be achieved by selling this new product.

Total project value:  116,875.00 HRK
Amount co-financed by the EU:  65,450.00 HRK
Project implementation period:  09/10/2018 – 09/10/2019
Contact person for Sklad manufacture: Davor Krizmanić, Mobile: +385  252 95 16