Innovativelevelling systemfor FLOOR and wall tiles

For a long time there hasn’t been any revolutionary discovery in tile leveling systems.
So far.

We have made the installation of tiles a lot easier

Video presentation of the product

What makes Superleveller different from other products of the same purpose?

Fast coupling and separation

Apply appropriate vertical pressure and one to two rotations of the cap will be sufficient. In competing devices the need of multiple rotation of the cap of the device makes the process of installation of tiles extremely long.

No tile shear

When leveling the tiles Superleveller does not make the tiles rotate, which is extremely important once the tiles are laid on fresh adhesive. All other devices present shearing issues when turning the device around the axis when trying to bring the tiles to the same level: the tiles get pressed against the fresh adhesive and they tend to warp.

100% linear, visible spacers

Spacers are located on the base of the device, not on the strip which makes them fully visible even after positioning the device to the tiles.